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Delicious and crunchy supplement like a snack.

"More blueberry"

Busy with studying and lessons every day ...
A lot of temptations such as smartphones and games …
The environment surrounding children today has many opportunities to come into contact with various media, and we often hear voices concerned about children's health.
Instead of a usual snack for children. Crunch for nutritional support before studying and lessons.
Would you like to have "More Blueberry" with your child?

40 tablets per 20 days / 2 tablets per day

Retail price : JPY 1,058
(JPY 980 before tax)

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More blueberry
Name Bilberry extract food
Raw material name Maltose (Produced in Japan), Bilberry extract powder, Blueberry juice powder / Sweeteners (Sorbitol, Sucralose), Calcium stearate, Glycerin fatty acid ester, Citric acid, Flavor, Vitamin A
Net weight 32g (40 tablets)
Storage conditions Please store in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight.
How to take Take 2 tablets, chew properly before ingesting.

※This product is a chewable supplement. Just taking the product with a liquid without chewing may cause a serious accident such as the product becoming stuck in the throat. Please chew thoroughly.
※It may vary in color due to natural ingredients. In addition, you might see purple spots caused by the bilberries. However, these don't affect the quality of the product.
※Reseal the packet after opening and store in a cool, dry place. The tablets might turn darker in color if they absorb moisture. Please pay attention to the storage instructions. Please refrain from taking wet tablets or tablets that have obviously absorbed water during storage.
※If this product gets wet, the color of the tablet will adhere to your skin and clothing. Please be careful as it will be hard to remove.
※Contains sorbitol, which if ingested in large quantities might weaken the stomach.

Nutrition facts (2 tablets : about 1600mg) Calories : 5.5kcal, Protein : 0.0064g, Fat : 0.067g, Carbohydrates : 1.5g, Sodium : 0.021mg (Salt equivalent : 0.000053g)

※This above value is only a guideline.

Composition amount (2 tablets : about 1600mg) Bilberry extract powder : 60mg
Allergens contained in ingredients Not applicable

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