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When requesting OEM consignment manufacturing of health foods and supplements with our company, prior knowledge of the raw materials and formulas related to the product isn’t necessary.
We suggest the optimal dosage form, formulation, and package for products that customers want.
We manufacture health foods that suit the needs of our customers, from product planning, formulation and package design proposals to manufacturing.
Plan Design Manufacturing
From consultation to proposals.

First, we inquire about the customer's wishes regarding areas such as raw materials, product appearance, etc.
We make suggestions for the formula based on your requests.
After confirming the terms and conditions of the transaction, we will begin manufacturing a prototype of the product.

From consultation to proposals
Product prototyping and analysis
Product prototyping and analysis.

We make prototypes with formulas based on our customer’s requests.
If you want a product with a certain flavor, you will be able to choose from a range of prototypes.
If you choose to move forward with the same formulation as this product, we will perform a safety test and a nutritional information analysis on the prototype and decide the content that will be displayed one the package.
Concurrently, we will suggest the most suitable packaging and design for the product.

From production to delivery.

Taking advantage of the network we have built so far, we manufacture the products in optimal production facilities and under thorough quality control measures.
Yawata deliver "Safety, Security, High quality" from our plant, which is GMP qualified (packaging) by Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association.

From production to delivery

OEM Production Flow

We support everything from product planning and
formulation design to manufacturing and delivery.
Please feel free to contact us.

OEM Production Flow

Entrusted Items / Packaging materials

Dosage form


Hard capsule

Soft capsule

Powder / granule

Stick jelly


Packaging materials (Intermediate packaging)


Three-sided seal sachets

PTP packaging

Packaging materials (Final packaging)

Resealable bags

Glass bottle

Plastic bottle

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